Once you have descended the country road sloping gentle down from Montalcino, you cannot help but notice the vineyards of CORDELLA estate on the ridge of the hill in front of you. It would appear that fate willed that the big vineyards are an upside down C shape with two beautiful Tuscan cypresses on top that seems to be their guardians.

The first five hectares of vineyards were planted in 1998 and the other four in 2000, following precise geological and hydro – geological investigations that revealed that the nature of the territory is made up of clay sandy Pliocene sediments belonging to the Neoautochthon complex.

The vineyards are at an average height of 350m a.s.l. on sloping soils which lead gently down to the bottom of the valley.

The vineyards comprise 8 hectares of BRUNELLO di MONTALCINO D.O.C.G. and one hectare of ROSSO DI MONTALCINO D.O.C., all belonging to the Sangiovese Grosso grape variety, called BRUNELLO in Montalcino. Vine spacing is 3.0m x 90 cm, while plant density reaches 3800/4000 vines, grown from important selections of old and famous Montalcino vines.

All the work in the vineyards is done by hand: the trimming, the pruning, the pinching out, the green pruning, the thinning and selecting the bunches before the grapes turn dark, and lastly the harvest.

Grapes are entirely organic. Organic farming at CORDELLA is certified by ICEA.

During the hand – picked harvesting, only the best bunches are chosen and placed in small cases and promptly taken to the cellars, in fact the time between the harvest and arrival at the cellars is very short. After carefully studying the various parts of the vineyards, and thoroughly testing the grapes produced in each area, it was decided to give a name to each of the vineyards.